“ Having grown up with both analogue and digital technology has given me a greater insight into the creation and what lies behind an eye-catching image. I love traveling the world with a bag full of assignments, and I am very humble that these assignments have taken me all around our globe.Almost all of my assignments are commercial, sometimes meticulously upset, sometimes with a little more frizzy slacks. But to get the absolute best out of me and my skills, you have to dare to set me free, preferably with a rigid and crystal clear visual destination. This allows me to construe the surroundings, to let me find the path to the definitive catch. In other words, to do what I´m suposed to do. Whether it's a enthraling portrait, a wast car scene or a crisp interior image, I work best with loose rains, preferably with the general human presence as downscaled as possible. But please, don’t be afraid of putting me in a room with people!”

_______ Some selected clients ______

Volvo Cars | Svenskt Tenn | Ulricehamns kommun | Carl Malmsten | Didriksons | Uponor | Seger | Bridgestone | Noberu - Jimmy Durmaz › #lockerroomtalk | Caterpillar | OH Sjögren

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